Lampshade Art

Introduction: Lampshade Art

Make any lamp into a piece of art! This is a very easy project but looks excellent. I got the idea thinking of Halloween as the concept of making the design is along the same lines.

Step 1: Materials

-thumbtack -spray paint (black) for a better result -a picture of your pattern -tape -lamp (obviously)

Step 2: Spray Paint

This step is optional but I suggest that you spray paint your lamp shade black if its not already black. My pictures show that I do the pattern first but it works way better If you paint first

Step 3: Pattern

Print up a pattern or picture of what you want on your lamp shade. I chose a map of the world as my girlfriend would only let me mess with the lamp shade if it was a "classy" picture. Place your picture in the position that you want on the lamp shade and tape it in place.

Step 4: Stab That Lampshade!!!

Now take your thumb tack and stick it through the lamp shade tracing the outlines of your picture. The space between holes all depends on the shape of your picture and will just come with time

Step 5: Throw the Switch

Put the lampshade on your lamp, switch it on and tada... There's your work of art!!! I will be entering this into the lighting contest so please vote :) and follow!

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