Land Rover Discovery 3 Range Rover Sport Jaguar S-Type TDV6 EGR Removal Blanking Kit Blank Plate Instruction Guide



Introduction: Land Rover Discovery 3 Range Rover Sport Jaguar S-Type TDV6 EGR Removal Blanking Kit Blank Plate Instruction Guide

Is your Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover Sport feeling sluggish? Low power, slow off the mark?

Suffering poor fuel consumption (MPG), turbo lag, rough idle, poor torque- slow engine pick up? Smokey exhaust?

Carbon rich recirculated exhaust gasses enter the intake manifold, over time Carbon / Coke deposits gather in the EGR valve and manifold blocking air flow. Resulting in reduced fuel economy and vehicle performance. Common symptoms of failure include; rough engine running, decreased throttle response and loss of power / torque.

Fit our EGR blanking kit and allow your engine to breathe once more and eliminate the risk of future carbon build ups in the manifold and ports. Improved torque with smoother pick up and improved fuel consumption, reduced turbo lag and less nasty exhaust fumes.

Our kit is precision machined; beware of welded parts that can fail. Our blanking plugs are fitted with Viton O-rings suited to the fitting environment, do not trust Nitrile seals.

Land Rover Discovery 3 MK III [2004-2009] 2.7 (Diesel) TDV6
Land Rover Range Rover Sport [2005-2013] 2.7 (Diesel) TDV6
Jaguar S-Type [1999-2007] 2.7 (Diesel) TDV6

This kit is compatible with TDV6 2.7 models with the 10th digit of the Vin number 6 or 5. If the Vin number is 7 or higher the kit will likely fit but the MIL will remain lit to indicate an EGR fault.

Parts from X8R Ltd

Step 1: Remove Engine Acoustic Cover

Unscrew and remove engine oil filler cap.

Remove engine acoustic plastic cover by lifting gently at each corner.

Refit the oil filler cap.

Step 2: Unplug Electrical Connectors

Unplug EGR butterfly valve actuator electric connector.

Unplug air box electrical connector.

Step 3: Remove Airbox Clip

Note orientation as shown of clip that fastens the air box to the EGR butterfly valve housing.

Carefully remove clip with screw driver.

Step 4: Remove Air Box

Loosen jubilee clip on inlet pipe to the air-box.

Gently pull the inlet pipe from the air-box.

Undo and hold in place the screw retaining the lower part of the air-box. Remove holding this screw in place to prevent loss of screw.

Take care to protect the EGR butterfly housing opening and the air-box from any contaminates.

Step 5: Remove EGR Pipes

Remove cabling from both EGR brackets.

Remove 8mm bolts securing EGR brackets to plastic casing.

Unclip EGR pipe clamps, the stub pipes can be removed from the butterfly housing later on.

Access to the EGR valves is limited, it is good practice to stuff a rag or toweling down the side of the valves to catch any bolts / gaskets, should they fall.

Remove the 2x 8mm bolts on each EGR pipe and remove. Take care when removing to retain the bolts and the gaskets for reuse.

Fit blanking plates in place of EGR pipes, note indent in each plate which corresponds to indent in pipe flange. Fit the gasket on the underside of the blank, if the gasket is in poor condition liquid gasket sealant can be added to seal.

Remove rags / toweling from recesses.

Step 6: Remove Butterfly From Actuator Shaft in Butterfly Housing

Remove bolt securing the butterfly housing.

Carefully raise the front of the housing, taking care not to damage any components swivel the housing upwards.

Remove the 4x Torx screws securing the actuator to the butterfly housing. (the top two screws can be seen bottom left of image)

When separating the actuator from the housing you can observe the actuator arm which operates the butterfly spindle.

Observe where the actuator arm connects to the butterfly spindle. Here there is a lug to insert a small screw driver in order to prise the spindle out of position, do this in small increments and take care not to damage the butterfly body.

Hold the butterfly disc through the throttle body, the spindle can be removed from the side releasing the butterfly disc.

Remove the disc and refit the spindle.

Reattach actuator arm to spindle and refit actuator housing and Torx screws.

Step 7: Remove Stub Pipes

Remove Torx screws from the two stub pipes and remove (ensure O-rings are removed also)

Fit the included O-rings to our blanks and fit in place of the stub pipes. Refit Torx screws to secure blanks.

Step 8: Refit Components

Manipulate butterfly housing back in to position and secure with the long bolt.

Refit air-box, again taking care not to loose the bottom bolt when re-installing.

Refit intake pipe to air-box and tighten jubilee clip.

Reconnect EGR actuator and air-box electrical connectors.

Refit engine cover.

Installation is carried out at installers risk, if unsure please contact us or a professional, X8R Ltd cannot be held responsible for any adverse result of installing this product or any injuries caused by install, if in doubt ask a professional. All images and texts are copyright X8R Ltd 2013.

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