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Introduction: Large Solar Panel Wall Mount With Tilt

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This instructable documents my build of a solar panel wall mount with tilt.

I built the mount with 2x4s pluss a tiltable frame in 1.5"x3" wood. The scaffolding stands about 5 meters tall and the frame supports 4 PV solar-panels measuring approx. 100x165cm each.

The scaffolding us built with overlapping 2x4s to ensure strength in the structure.

The titable frame is attached to the scaffolding with hinges on top and measures 405x175cm.


16 x 3.60m 2x4

8 x 4m 1.5"x3"

6 x Hinges

Box of screws

Ground support (concrete in my case)

(4 x solar panels measuring 95x165cm)

Small brackets for the solar panels

Step 1: Tiltable Frame

This is the most important part where the frame is designed to fit 4 x PV (solar) panels measuring 95x165cm each.

The frame tilts with a support bearing that attaches to the scaffolding (not shown).

Although this step is the key in the build, It has to be custom-designed to your house/wall. Make sure you build it strong enough to carry the weight of your panels (mine add up to about 72kgs).

The old 80W panel is still on the wall. Going from 80W to 1.2kW is the plan

Step 2: Mounting the Panels on the Frame

Once the frame was in place, mounting the solar panels was a breeze (eh... almost as I was alone mounting it and each panel weighs in at about 18kg each). I do recommend having an extra pair of hands for this step.

Panels are screwed top+bottom and I quite easily mounted them by balancing and resteing them on the bottom part of the frame.

The frame is designed so the panels fit snuggly into the frame for extra support.

Step 3: Backside Inspection and Field Modifications

I had to modify the frame of the last panel to make it fit into my frame due to a miscalculation. The brackets attached to the frame add an extra 2cm each on the side, for a total of 10-12cm.

No issues if you carefully drill a hole in the aluminium frame of the panel.

Step 4: Finished!

That's it. Done in a day given your mileage.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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    2 years ago

    Had to get my eye in but good job. Its obviously the house that's not quite square. Treated timber it seems too ? I guess you are up in Norway or something northerly like that
    What are you powering from them? Have you discovered LiFePo4 batteries yet . Just brilliant if you want serious power . See here

    4 panels like that should easily refill a 100 Ah battery pack at 24V each day if sunny. Wind can be added if not. That will give you 10 hours a day using 10 Amps an hour . Not a bad return for that sized solar array!


    2 years ago

    Interesting setup. Thanks for sharing your process! :)