Introduction: Laser Cut 3D Acrylic Jewelry Sign

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This week we're showing you our TroGlass Metallics line of cast acrylic! We've made this amazing jewellery sign out of the Gold, Silver and Bright Silver colours.
We'll show you a few signage techniques for this project: acrylic inlay, kiss-cut method, and heat bending to create a 3D effect!

TroGlass Metallics is a cast acrylic with both sides of the material hold a glossy metallic-looking finish. TroGlass Metallics feature all advantages of cast acrylic, especially in terms of impact resistance, light diffusion and handling capabilities.

Materials you'll need (all available on

-Troglass metallic - Gold 3mm cast acrylic

-Troglass metallic - silver 3mm cast acrylic

-Troglass metallic - Bright Silver 3mm cast acrylic

-3m Adhesive backing

Machines Used:

Trotec Speedy 400

Heat Bender


- x4 1/2" Stainless Steel Stand-offs (to mount onto wall)

Step 1: Making the Base for Your Sign

For the base of the sign we used our Troglass Clear 3mm Thick Cast Acrylic.

We placed it in our laser machine and kiss cut the acrylic to know where to position the acrylics on top.

Step 2: Cutting Out the Background

Next we cut out the shape of our background consisting of our bright silver and regular silver Troglass Metalic.

Step 3: Engraving Our Gold Sun Design

Next we engraved the gold section of the sign.

Using the Gold TroGlass Metalic really makes your sign stand out.

Step 4: Cutting Out Our Design and Lettering

The laser then proceeded to cut out what we had it engrave.

The Troglass Metalic Gold really makes your sign stand out.

Step 5: Heat Bending

To give our sign that 3D "pop" we used our strip heater to heat up the Troglass Metalic so we can bend some shape into the rays of our sun design.

Step 6: Assembling Our Sign

After the sun had cooled down and hardened, we peeled our 3M adhesive off and mounted it to our sign along with our lettering.

Step 7: Installing Your Sign

Once our sign was finished we mounted it to the wall using our standoffs with screw caps to give it a quick professional finish.