Introduction: Laser Cut Face Shield V. 1.0

About: I`m industrial designer that like the news Technologies of frabrication.

Looking at the proposals for 3D like Prusa face shield, I perceived that its production is very limited due to manufacturing time. Thinking about it, I started to develop a face shield with few parts, with a unique and little expense of material, besides it can be manufactured by hand or in a laser cutting machine.

For made this Face Shield, you need:

- Digital archives

- PETG plastic sheet between 0.5mm and 1mm

-Rubber band width 10mm and 173mm length. (you can change this piece depending on what you have on hand)

- 2 rivets

-rivet machine or hammer.

- Scissor to cut a rubber band

Step 1: Cut the Plastic Sheet

Cut the plastic sheet in a laser cutting machine. You can cut by hand too

Step 2: ​Remove the Protective Plastic

remove the protective plastic from both sides of the two PTEG pieces.

Step 3: Join the Pieces With Rivet.

Align the holes of the two pieces, and join them together using a rivet to secure the pieces. Repeat the same operation on the other side, forcing the pieces until fit them. The protector of the face will be curved

Step 4:

Cut the rubber band, then, pass the band under the outermost hole, then through the middle and again through the third hole. repeat the action with the other side of the face shield.

Step 5: Ajust the Rubber Band

Adjust the rubber band until you feel the face shield comfortable.