Laser Cut Portable Phone Stand

Introduction: Laser Cut Portable Phone Stand

This is my portable laser cut phone stand I created in my Computer Integrated Manufacturing class, inspired by the DIY easy phone stand by Aescobar Oretga. I hope you'll enjoy it, and try to make one in your own.

Step 1: Basic Drawing Concept

This is the basic shape and size of the phone stand. Also, the width where the phone rests is that of my iPhone 5, so that dimension may change.

Step 2: Creating the Phone Stand

In this step, I drew the phone stand in AutoDesk's Inventor program. I then converted it to a dxf file, so it may be opened and used in AutoDesk's AutoCAD program. The dxf file for AutoCAD was also used to actually cut the phone stand from a piece of wood from the computer to the laser.

Step 3: The Cut Pieces

Now cut out, these two pieces were sanded to remove any burn marks around the edges. After that, I glued them together.

Step 4: The Finished Product

This is my phone stand assembled completely. And as you can see, it works perfectly.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great little design for a phone stand. So simple, but effective. Well done!