Laser Cut Two Piece Phone Stand

Introduction: Laser Cut Two Piece Phone Stand

To make this phone stand, you will need a laser cutter. My high school is fortunate to have a CO2 laser cutter. The drawings for the phone stand were made on AutoDesk Inventor Professional. The sketches were converted to DXF files and placed on CorelDRAW for the laser cutter to read.

The .dxf file for phonestandxx2 can be saved by right clicking the filename and clicking "save link as.." and then it should be saved as type "all files" and renamed. Otherwise, you will just get a bunch of nonsense text.

Step 1: Cut the Pieces

Once the dxf drawings are placed on CorelDRAW, the user should hit print and manipulate the properties to the appropriate values to cut through a thin sheet of plywood. Every laser cutter is different in power, so this guide cannot give you the exact values you will need. I personally cut the pieces at 100% power at 2% speed.

Once the laser has finished its cutting job, open the laser cutter and carefully remove the pieces.

Step 2: Sand and Assemble

The pieces should then be sanded so there are no burn marks from the laser. The parts may optionally be coated with a finisher to preserve the wood. Then, the parts can be put together by fitting one slot into the other, as shown.

Step 3: USE!

Finally, the phone stand may be used to hold a phone both vertically and horizontally. The phone stand should be able to stand up any phone that is not more than 3/4 of an inch thick, which should be most if not all smartphones.

Project inspired by this project here...

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I have used a laser cutter before and in my experience they don't leave burn marks unless the focus is off a bit, so you might not need to sand it :)