Introduction: Laser Cut Wood and Plastic Logo

The goal is to make a medallion with plastic foreground and wood background of any image you want.
What you need:
1. Laser cutter (strong enough to cut wood)
2. Wood sheet (.25 inch thick recommended)
3. Acrylic sheet (.125 inch recommended)
4. Image file
5. Editing software (prefer illustrator)
6. Epoxy glue to adhere

Step 1: Prep Image in Illustrator

Move image to illustrator and use "Image Trace" with expand using outlines to get the lines to cut.
Decide what parts you want to keep and put a circle around the part.
The front piece will be acrylic and the image chosen will be raster (in this case the 'Strength in numbers') and the back piece will be wood and it will be cut out (I chose the logo of GSW).

Step 2: Laser Cut the Pieces

Make sure your file is in the right specification of the laser you are using.
For example, i use a Universal Laser System which require vector lines to be .01 inch thick and pure red.

Step 3: Epoxy the Piece Together

Using Epoxy, glue the two piece together, hide the glue by creatively selecting areas to glue!
Let the epoxy dry and you are now done!

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