Laser Cutter Liquor Bottle Name Tags

Introduction: Laser Cutter Liquor Bottle Name Tags

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I recently got a membership at Techshop and I love using their Trotech laser. I am always finding projects I like to do online. Once while I was perusing the interweb I began to get thirsty and headed to the liquor shelf. I had various clear and dark booze bottles and the folly with filling these is that sometimes I would make a brandy and coke instead of my intended rum and coke. My girlfriend once made a gin and tonic as opposed to a vodka tonic and for a woman who absolutely despises gin I didn't hear the end of it. We both love having classy bottles to hold our liquor but we didn't want to make these mistakes again and that is where I got inspired to make these booze name tags. I couldn't find a template already made online, hence why I wanted to share this. I also have a friend who has a similar set up and thought this would make a great gift for the holidays!

Step 1: Poor Naked Liquor Bottles...

This is my liquor shelf and from time to time they are easily distinguishable. But why not take all error out and also make something that others will ask about when they come over for cocktails. It was a good conversation starter after all.

Step 2: Tools & Materials

I got some chain from the local craft store. What type is your own preference but I suggest one with larger links to make things easier

The wood I actually got from the Techshop scrap bin. It is 3/16ths inches thick and made of hard oak

tools needed:

vice grips for, um, gripping stuff

needle nose pliers to help get in between a link to aid in "opening it up"

precision flat head screw driver to start said "opening up"

Step 3: Cut the Plates With the Laser

I used CorelDraw for the making the labels and I am sure that you could transfer it there or to Autocad if you imported it. For oak, Techshop should have preset limits but I went with 100% power and speed of 0.3. I chose these six in the picture because those are the six liquors that I usually always have on hand. Granted I could have made the 'mixer' Blue Curacao (I didn't get the nickname KamiKozi for nothing) but my girlfriend gets various mixers from time to time, too and wanted it to be interchangeable. In the future I do plan on making a Curacao plate, though, as well as a Campari (or simply aperitif) one because my adult self's go to cocktail is a Negroni.

For the wood, I used oak that is 3/16th inch thick bc I wanted something that would look good and also be a harder wood. Tipsy people, namely myself, will be handling these and potentially dropping them so, you know, get a harder wood. The laser cut plate will be 3 in. long by 1 5/16th in. wide. If you want them bigger or smaller you can adjust that yourself in the cpu program that you uploaded it to.

The chain I purchased at my local craft store and I used a length that was going to be conducive to getting around some off the bigger bottle stoppers. It will be different for you depending on the size of your bottles but just as a reference I used 7 inches of chain. Remember that you will also be looping the chain through each hole on the plates and linking it to itself. least that is what I did. So compensate for that as well.

Step 4: Put the Chain On

To loop the chain in the plate's hole I just used the screw driver to start separating a link and the needle nose pliers finished the job with thanks to the vice grips for stability. Loop the chain in and through and close the link's loop back in on another link. Do this to the other hole and you have one done! Five to go.

Step 5: The Finished Product

After you have made the rest hang them on your bottles and there you have it. Now you have a cool stylish way to label your alcohol. The template is very easily changeable so you could make as many as you need. Add other generic liquors like tequila or mezcal, whiskey, bourbon, rye or whatever you imbibe. I hope you make some for yourself or others this holiday season or whenever really.

Also, Drink responsibly and all that jazz. Do not drink and operate lasers. Do not point lasers directly into eyeballs. Do not pour alcohol directly into eyeballs either for that matter.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great Idea !! Now you can easily identify what is what..


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool! I like the combination of wood and chain. They're like little bottle necklaces!