Laser Cutting Eggs

Introduction: Laser Cutting Eggs

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Hi everybody! For easter i wanted to try laser cutting eggs because I stuble accross some pictures of awsome engraved eggs and wanted to do some so I try my best... But I wasn't very sucessfull.

I'll expose my experimentation here so you don't do the same mistakes that I did and maybe you'll improve this technique!

I look foward to see what you manage to do :D

Small warning thought: cutting eggs stinks :x

Step 1: Step 1: Empty Your Eggs

I used white eggs because I had it on my fridge but you can choose brown one if you fancy.

This step is kinda gross (tw: fluids) but you can't cut an egg if there still is yolk in it right?

To do so, simply cut a small hole on the top and the bottom of your egg and blow on it (with a bowl underneath). Quick tip: do not inhale to close to the top hole or the fluid will go back up... Yup I did it, it was rly funny for my boyfriend to watch...

When all your eggs are empty clean them a bit by putting them under a water stream and gently shake. Wait 24h before cutting them to let the shell dry.

Step 2: Step 2: Test Your Parameter

As always, before trying to do something fancy, test wich parameter you want to use.

The tricky part is that eggs are rounds so you can't get your machine to focus everywhere. You can solve this problem 2 ways:

-adjust your design so that it stay on the small part that is focus

- cut with a z ofset on the edge (if your software is advanced enoght to do that)

The parameter i used to engraved were quite similar to paper, and to cut they were between paper and wood.

Use caution when you cut: eggshells can burn so do not stabilized them with paper that can caught fire, prefer aluminium sheets or similar material that will propagate the heat.

Step 3: Step 3: Have Fun

When my parameter were settle i try cutting my designs... Unfortunately if I chose to cut only the top part of my eggs the links were too thin to support the pattern and collapse and i could'nt have the proper z ofset to cut the edge of a wider design so i had to remove the cut part with a needle. Use patience and caution when you do that...

I'll give you the pattern I used so you can try on your own laser machine and show me how you've done :D

Have fun!

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    5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing! What power is your laser in order to cut through the egg shell? 2500mW?