Laser Cutting Stencils

Introduction: Laser Cutting Stencils

How to prepare your file for a stencil.

Stencilling produces an image or pattern by applying color to a surface over an intermediate object with designed bridges in it which create the pattern or image by only allowing the color to reach some parts of the surface. Your stencil has to be only 1 object as shown in image 1.

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Step 1: Create 1 Object

Image 2. shows what not to do. When creating a stencil, remember that everything will be cut, it is very important that all islands stays connected to the main object, if you observe the shapes in the middle of the windows, when cut, the middle shapes are floating and are not attached to the object anymore, they will drop and be eliminated from the final design. The result will not show these squares when coloured.

image 3. shows how you could make your file to keep the middle squares to the design. Bridges are necessary to connect all shapes to the rest of the object.

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Step 2: Same Thing With Fonts

Same process when using fonts.

Image 4. shows an impossible stencil. The islands in the middle of the B are not connected by bridges so they will fall out and the result will be a shadow-like B with no islands when coloured.

Image 5. shows a perfect stencil. The islands of the B are connected to the rest of the object, the result will be exactly as planned and a perfect B.

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Step 3: Here Is the Final Stencil

Laser cutting stencils on mylar plastic is very very economical. This material and service is available at Umake

Laser cutting is a fast process, it is extremely precise and costs are very low.

There are different thicknesses available for different applications. Stencils are always a good solution for:

Cake patterns - Furniture - Branding - Boxes - Packaging - Signs - Home decor - Wall paper - Wrapping paper arts and crafts and many more applications...

Other tutorials and inspiration projects on umake

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