Introduction: Lathe Treading

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This information applies to King Canada KC-1022 ML metal lathe and Grizzly G- 0602 metal lathe. There is a small spacer that must be positioned in the right place in order to cut threads. It is located on the lowest gear in the gear train (Gear B) as pictured in the following photo. This spacer must be on the outside of the gear.(To your left when standing in front of the lathe) This information is not included in some of the instruction books.

Step 1: Download the Free Thread Setup Program

Gears A and B are the two gears that may require changing in order to cut a thread. The thread chart can be confusing if you have not done this before. I have written a short computer program that calculates all of the settings when you simply enter the number of threads per inch required. I can not afford a security certificate for my programs so your anti virus program may want to examine this program before it will allow you to run it. You can just wait for this to happen each time you run the program or you can tell your anti virus to ignore my program once it has been examined the first time. I found the thread setup program much easier than looking at the chart and wanted to share this with everyone.