Lavender Pillow Pouch




Introduction: Lavender Pillow Pouch

you will need:

a blooming lavender bush

a needle and thread. sewing machine (optional)

either two used dryer sheets or one piece of thin fabric roughly 4"X 6"

a cookie sheet or several pie tins (whatever is available)

one small bowl

paper towels

*warning!* if you tend to have seasonal allergies or get headaches with certain smells ask a doctor before starting. and note that both honey bees and wasps are attracted to lavender bushes so take care when harvesting.

Step 1: Identify the Lavender

lavender is a medium sized, hardy bush. It grows from zones 5-9 and has a very distinct sweet sent that comes from the purple flowers growing all along its stems. The bush will bloom all summer and last till early fall. although there are several types of lavender they all can be used for this project.

Step 2: Prepping the Flowers

after you've picked 7 or 8 stems (each with about 4 inches of usable flowers) strip the stems of their flowers. you will no longer need the skeletal remains. Rinse the blossoms in a bowl of warm water. Make sure you don't crush the flowers as this will release their oils leaving them useless.

Step 3: Drying

once the flowers have been rinsed scoop them out of the water and pat them dry with the paper towels. Lay them out evenly over a cookie sheet. allow them to sit for 2-4 days. you can skip this drying time however doing so risks the blossoms growing mold.

Step 4: Meanwhile

as the lavender dries you can use this time to ready your pouch. If you chose to use dryer sheets as I have here, you will want to use ones that have already been through the dryer so they no longer have any sent or residue on them. place one on top of the other and fol so that on side is closed.

Step 5: Sewing

If you have a sewing machine you may use it now or attempt to hand stitch it. Sew up the bottom and open side of your pouch leaving one edge open. I found that folding the edges prior to sealing them was the most efficient move however I am terrible at sewing as you can clearly see from the photos.

Step 6: Filling

once the flowers are completely dry you may fill your pouch to the desired stuffing. I made mine fairly flat so I can put it in my pillow case without it creating a bulge. once filled sew the remaining side shut. your pouch is complete!

growing up my grandma used to make these and put them all over the house. My sister and I would find them in the strangest of places. They would be in pillowcases, sock drawers, old boots, inside the toilet paper holder, and even slipped inside the AC vent.

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