Laying Sod

Introduction: Laying Sod

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The key to laying sod is WATER, WATER, WATERING! besides that you need only a few tools and a supply of sod. If you look on craigslist you can find sod for free a lot of time depending on time of year and location. Most people do there project in the begining of summer once its grown in. The sod I got came in strips the width of a shovel about a ft long to a foot and a half. Keep in mind you will need a place to put the dirt that you dig up. Also make sure you have enough sod for your project. AND once again keep watering after it is layed.

also using seed will help

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

wheel barrel


metal rack




Step 2: Laying Sod

Depending on how much dirt is under the new sod your using.will determine how deep of dirt you will dig up. I needed to replace the grass next to the driveway so I used this as a guide. otherwise use the grass you have to determine that. Take a shovel and start digging up the old dirt. start filling up a wheel barrel and dumping wheres apropraite. once you have a few rows dug take the metal rake and even out the ground. Start laying down the sod the best that it fits together. Make sure to that all the pieces of sod are pushed tightly together. After you have the sod layed you can ad seeds to cover the cracks. Keep doing this where ever you wanna lay the new sod. Using the wheel barrel full of dirt I rolled it over the grass to pack it down. Once again make sure to water it a lot after you lay it. It will take as much water as you can give. Even a little rain watering it to will still help.

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