Introduction: League of Our Own

Pieces to cut:

First cut 2 feet for side pillars (x2), then cut 2 feet length for stopper (x1). After that cut 1.5 feet for support beams (x2). For the 10 feet bottom base cut 3 feet for length (x2), 2 feet for width (x2).The second to last cut will be 4 feet for the arm (x1). The very last cut will be 2 feet for the PVC pipe (x1).


2 feet side pillar (x2)

2 feet length=stopper (x1)

1.5 feet for support beams (x2)

18 feet for bottom base=3 feet for length (x2)

2 feet for width (x2)

4 feet for the arm (x1)

2 feet PVC pipe (x1)

Total wood used:23 feet

Total PVC pipe: 2 feet

Step 1: Start Composing!!

Start by making the base by connecting the length blocks with the width blocks with screws.After the base is created it will be 3 x 2 feet.

Step 2: Adding Pillars

Then add the pillars on both sides of the catapult base with screws. These will be 2 feet tall each.

Step 3: Support Beams

To support those pillars we will have a support beam for each pillar that will be 1.5 feet each, and will be screwed into both the base and the main pillars.

Step 4: Stopper Being Screwed

Next the stopper is screwed into the middle of those two pillars.The stopper will be 2 feet in length.

Step 5: Adding PVC

The arm is the next item to be added.It will be 4 feet long and we will have 2 feet of PVC pipe going through a hole drilled into the very bottom of the arm that will extend from one side of the base to the other.

Step 6: PVC at the Bottom Base

The PVC pipe will be connected to the PVC connectors at the bottom of the base.

Step 7: Holes for Stoppers

The two holes will be drilled through the stopper.

Step 8: Adding Knot in the Holes

Then we will tie a knot in between those holes and attach it to the arm.

Step 9: Final Step

Our final step is drilling a hole in the bottom of the base behind the rope attached to the arm for the 10 feet of the rope to be put through.

Step 10: Top View

Step 11: Side View

Step 12: Frontal View