Introduction: Learn How to Begin Drawing With These Tips

Well first of all this applies to any people who are creative and still learning by their own passion. But kids, if you start something finish it uncompleted but not in perfection. I mean com'on you have started drawing since how many days, weeks, months, or even maybe years for you to become your admired artist? Well you've come to the right place kiddo.

In order to become or when you first start off being a artist. As the beginners what could the first priority to become the perfect artist? Should it be drawing from anatomy or from guide books. Well with out any problems let's get started in these tips!

Step 1: Tip 1, When Starting to Draw, Learn by Observing Not From Imagination

Well its hard to see what you're looking at but it trains your eye to analyze what it sees and transferring what you see into a drawing. Whether that's looking at a picture or scenery or person, draw from your own composition (means framing what you are looking at) and then you move on to the actual drawing. Don't worry about getting the supply or getting in perfection. If you have a piece of paper and pencil then you should be able to draw. Also sketch lightly and loosely for starters. If you started to draw from observing try these exercises.

Drawing upside down

drawing upside down can be challenging but what you can do is to print out a clip art of some drawing and without a trace. Make the image upside down and start drawing.

Drawing a positive and negative spaces

You make this drawing by first outlining what you're going to draw and then utilizing those spaces shade them in. Positive space is the object near you and negative space the the object outside of you.

Simplify the shape by making gesture lines and drawing (more advanced stuffs)

sometimes you just have to simplify things in your life why not simplify what you see into a form of art?


Well put a life into your drawing sometimes by adding tones and different shades in your drawing.

Step 2: Tip 2, Get Advice From Other Artist or Learn From Other Artists

Getting a advice from them is a must after you've started drawing by observing. Then show them what you've got! If they say you need more improvements. Then practice and learn from your mistakes. If they only say a good things about your art then keep on practicing! But what if other friends are more better than you and you've got a artist block. Don't be afraid and ask your friend if they got some kind of creative block. Also ask other artist to teach you how to draw even more better. Its better to learn from your own will rather than going to school right?

Step 3: Tip 3, Sometimes You Just Have to Find Your Own Style and Keep It Up With It.

Well now that you have observed other people's drawings and different scenery. Now this is difficult part, you have to find your own style. Therefore, whether you want to be comic designer, or mangaka or even maybe a animator you have to grasp your own style. Also don't be afraid to challenge new styles they could be a lot of fun too. whether you are an abstract or realistic person knowing these stuffs can be huge benefit to your art career.

Now to wrap up this whole article. You need to learn how to become a artist by Observing, Learning, and Developing your art career or passion. Thanks for mark crilley who inspire me to draw on daily bases. Check out his graphic novel " The Drawing Lesson" on amazon linked on the title! Thanks guys for the wonderful comments and hope you enjoy your day.