Learn Turkish Pot Painting - Basic Painting Techniques

Introduction: Learn Turkish Pot Painting - Basic Painting Techniques

Materials required for Turkish Pot Painting:

  • Pot
  • Ceramic Powder
  • Fevicol
  • Ceramic Dough
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Water
  • Fabric Colours
  • Brush Size #01 or #02

Step 1: Pot Painting Procedure

  • Take a spoon and a bowl, add ceramic powder, fevicol and water.
  • Mix it to a thick paste, the paste should be fine a smooth.
  • Start applying the paste on the pot.
  • Apply a thin layer of the ceramic paste on the pot.
  • Apply the paste evenly to cover the pot.
  • Take a spoon and apply the texture to give different types of background on the pot.
  • Once it gets dry the texture will clearly be seen.
  • The same procedure should be done on the whole pot.
  • Complete the base pot with a different texture.
  • Wait till the whole pot gets dry.

Step 2: How to Paint the Turkish Pot

  • Now the pot is completely dry and you can start using paints.
  • First we shall start using terracotta and golden yellow fabric paint.
  • Mix terracotta in water , mix it very lose, add a bit of golden yellow to the terracotta. The paint should be very lose.
  • Now you can start applying on the pot. The paint should be very thin so that the texture should be seen very well.
  • You can also reuse the paint if the paint is getting wasted.
  • For the Turkish pot, you have to make a few pips ready to keep for the center of the flower.
  • Use ceramic dough and make a small dough out of it and just make a few pips.
  • We can make another shape also. Take a small ball and make a shape, now you have few pips and few shapes.

Step 3: How to Decorate the Turkish Pot

  • Apply fevicol on the pot, and place dough on it.
  • Then you can start making a flower with petals.
  • Add newspaper under the petals just to help give a embossed effect of the petal.
  • Now we have completed doing the petals with ceramic dough , completed the leaves and completed the pine effect and the creepers.
  • Now leave the pot to dry completely and then we shall start coloring
  • Once the whole pot gets completely dry, you can remove the newspapers.
  • This generally takes a day to get dry.
  • Once it gets dry we can start coloring..

Step 4: How to Paint the Flowers on the Turkish Pot

  • For the flowers we can use golden yellow and orange.for shadings.
  • For the leaves you can use light green and for the pine effect we can use Burnt Sienna.
  • To decorate the center part of the flower you can use beads or pearls.
  • Take golden yellow and use a round brush and start painting the flowers. use a bit of orange for shading.
  • For the leaves you can use stab green, light green and little bit of yellow. Use brown for other decorations on the pot.
  • For the pine use dark brown and burnt sienna and little water while coloring. After coloring the pine, take a tissue and rub the same to give a lighter and darker shade.
  • For the center part of the flower use again burnt sienna and darker brown Again take a wet tissue and rub on the same to give a lighter and darker shade.
  • Now the Turkish Terracotta Pot Painting is complete. Once the pot is completely dry, you can give a synthetic varnish to it to give a glow to the pot.

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