Learn to Make IOS Apps With NO Programming Expiriance

Introduction: Learn to Make IOS Apps With NO Programming Expiriance

To make IOS apps, you need an Apple mac running OS X El captain or later. Sorry P.C. Users, IOS is all for mac.

Step 1: Download Xcode

First, lunch the mac app store, search for Xcode, and download it. It is a pretty big download, it might take a long time. Once it downloads, lunch it.

When you launch it, you will see the Xcode welcome window: If not, press Shift, command, 1.

Step 2: Click.

Now, once you see the Welcome window, click on "Create a new Xcode project."

Step 3: App Type

Click on the same things as the picture. Click "Next."

Step 4: Name Your App

After you fill out the info. Click "Next."

Step 5: Save Your App

Select where you want to save your app and click "Create."

Step 6: The StoryBoard

Click on Main.storyboard.

Step 7: Click on the Object Library

Now, Click on The object library, see the picture abouve. Scroll down until you see "Label." Click and drag the label on to the View controller. Double-click on the Label and type "Hello world" then hit enter. Click and drag the label to the center of the screen. Then click and drag the Button from the object library to the view controller. Drag the button underneath the label, double-click on the button, and type "Next." Hit enter.

Step 8: 2nd View

Now, scroll to the top of the object library and click and drag the view controller to the screen. Now, Right-click and hold on the button, drag the mouse to the 2nd view controller, and let go of the mouse. Then click on "Present modally."

Step 9: 2nd Interface

Now, Make your 2nd view controller look like the picture above. Use one label and one button.

Step 10: Link Two

Right-click on the button on the 2nd view and drag the blue line to the 1st view controller. Click on "Present modally."

Step 11: Auto Constraints

Click on the Auto constraints button and then click on "Reset to suggested constraints."

Step 12: Run Your App!!

In the upper-left corner of the screen, Click on the Play logo. Then wait for the IOS simulator to launch.

Step 13: Yippee!!!!!!!!

Congratulations! You now have created your first app!

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    4 years ago

    Good info. Thank you for sharing these steps :)