Introduction: Learning Binary

Hey guys I've been learning Binary for a while and I've got the hang of it now
So I'm going to teach you binary
It's really awesome believe me .
I'm going to teach you in 2 parts
Part 1 is about alphabet and part 2 is about numbers

Step 1: Part 1: Learning to Write the Alphabet in Binary

While writing the alphabet keep one thing in mind, they are always 1 byte i.e. 8 digits
When writing in the upper case we always put the code 0100 to denote that it's a letter and while in lower case we a rite 0110 at the beginning
We start the first letter by writing it as 1
So as 1 letter is 1 byte the letter 'A' would be 01000001
And we kep shifting the 1 to the left
As it gets shifted to the tens place the ones place becomes 0 again
So B becomes 01000010
But as the ones place has again become 0 the next letter would have 1 at the ones place
So C would be 01000011 and so on

While in lower case we put the code 0110 at the beginning
The rest is the same
a would be 01100001 and so on

Now you can write whole words but just remember to leave a little space between letters to avoid confusion
While giving space between the two WORDS give the code 00100000
Now you are ready to write sentences as well

Step 2: Part 2: Learning to Write Numbers in Binary

Numbers in binary aren't in byte form like the alphabet
So 1 is simply written as 1
But the 1 keeps shifting just like in the alphabet
So 2 is written as 10 while 3 is 11 and 4 is 100 and so on

Well thank you very much for viewing this and I hope it was helpful
Please do leave any doubts ar suggestions or questions or just regular comments in the comment box below
Than kYou