Introduction: Leather Card Holder With Minimal Design

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A cardholder will give you easy access to the few credit cards and IDs that you actually use, allow you to stash a little cash, and slide effortlessly into your pockets.


Leather raw material

Crafting paper for template

Scissor or Cutter

Basic stationery

Skiving knife

Stitching punch




Step 1: Making Template for Card Holder

Making template as per the card size

Standard card size: 86mm X 54mm

Step 2: Marking and Cutting Leather

By using the awl tool marking leather using a template.

Use a skiving knife or cutter for cutting leather.

Step 3: Fold From the Bottom and Side Part

Step 4: Make Stitching Hole

Use stitching punch for making stitching hole

Step 5: Fold and Stitch From the One Side

Start saddle stitching with using two-needle and thread.

Step 6: Complete Stitching and Use It

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