Leather Key Fob and Phone Holder in One!




Introduction: Leather Key Fob and Phone Holder in One!

This instructable will show you how to make yourself a leather key fob that doubles as a smartphone stand.

It is relatively simple and nearly anyone with a little bit of knife skill will be able to make this.

All the things you are going to need to replicate this project are listed below:\

  • Keyring
  • Some type of leather marker. I used a permanent marker
  • Your phone. (or your friends)
  • Sharp knife and scissors. I used my Swiss army knife
  • Sew all or Speedy stitch
  • Twine
  • Ruler/straight edge
  • And of course, leather!

You should only need about 15cm of leather and it should be as thick as the diameter of the inside of your keyring.

Without any further ado lets get started!

Step 1: Cutting the Template

You will have to first cut your piece of leather to the right size.

To do this you should put the keyring on the edge of the leather and mark two dots on the widest part of the inside like shown.

This is to make sure it will fit.

Measure 14cm across the leather horizontally like shown in photo two, you will need to make another two dots here.

Now you have to connect the dots using a ruler/straight edge and cut it out.

Trim off the excess leather and neaten the edges.

Step 2: Making the Holder.

OK, this step is all about making the bit that holds the phone.

If you want a plain key fob you can skip this step.

Find the middle of the leather strap you just cut, mark it with a dot.

Now measure 1.5cm either side of this dot and make two more marks like shown.

Using the last two dots as guides measure down 7mm and make another two dots.

The last two dots should be 1.7cm to the outside of the bottom dots making a tophat sort of shape.

Please view the pictures thus making sure you don't make mistakes.

Now move on to the next step!

Step 3: Finishing Off the Project.

It is time to finish off the key fob.

Thread the keyring onto the leather strap and then start stitching.

Set up your sew all/speedy stitch like the instructions say.

Push the sew all through both ends of the leather strap and pull it back a little ways creating a loop.

Thread the spare end of the thread through the loop and pull the awl out completely.

Tighten the stitch and repeat.

Keep stitching until the ends of the strap are secured together and you are finished!

Step 4: How to Use.

Using your new key fob is simple.

Start y orientating it the right way, the 'tophat cut' should be like a tophat not a cup.

Now push the top of the cut back towards the keyring and sit your phone in it.

The phone is then held in by the pressure of the returning leather (see photo 2).

Thanks for reading, if you make one please comment and vote!

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