Introduction: Victorian Scarecrow Mask

Thanks for viewing my first Instructables post! Here, I am showing my leather mask that I had made for a costume for the 2015 Halloween and Comikaze date. These piece was made for my Scarecrow costume, inspired by the DC game "Arkham Asylum". I took creative liberties and made it more Victorian.

Step 1: The Leather Mask Details

The leather mask took two weeks in my spare time to make in its entirety. It has two pieces of leather riveted together. The top part was molded to make it look like it has a furrowed, angry brow. The bottom part was formed to have it look like the plague mask. Respirator cans were installed to give it the "Scarecrow" look that he has in the Arkham Asylum games, and can still actually be unscrewed. The "wet" looking part is Monkee resin.