Introduction: Led Floodlight Activated by Alarm System

My need is to activate Led Lights from my Home Alarm System, either from my mobile or from an burglary alarm.

Step 1: Materials:

The materials that you need are:

1. A Security System equipped with Outputs terminal Block (The most of security system have an one)

2. Led Floodlight. In my case i used 220v led floodlights (you can buy it from ebay less than 20$)

3. A relay (I used schrack rt424012).

4. 2 types of cables. Alarm cable (4 pairs) for the connection from alarm system to relay, and 220v cable for the led floodlight

Step 2: Installation

Working at Alarm system and the relay with alarm cable:

At the mainboard of your control panel you have to connect the negative with the relay coil and the aux (in my case at the aux i have 12v power) with the first block of your output. The result is that you give 12v power to the one block of your output. The other block of your output will be connected to the coil of your relay. This means that you can control your output either by a burglary alarm or from your mobile application (if it is available from your control panel of your security system.

Now to the relay you have two wires that connected to coil pins coming from your alarm system. You have to check at your relay and find the common pin, normally close pin and normally open pin.

At the common pin you connect 220v (single phase, L ) coming from your home power system and the normally open pin is going to be connect to your Led Floodlight. The Neutral and the Ground cables are going to be connected directly to the Floodlight.

Until now you have 2 wires to the coil of the relay, a single phase the the common pin, and a cable from Normally open to your Led Floodlight.

Step 3: Programming Alarm System

I will give you general instructions because it may be different from alarm systems.

You have to mind how the Output will work.

A. You can program your control panel to give 12v to your output terminal followed from a burglary alarm.

B. In my case the output is activated from my mobile application. Sorry for the screenshot by its greek language.

The first option to the screenshot is to open my led lights to my garden.

The second to open the door and the the third is to open my heating system.

Sorry for my bad english but if you have any question i would be grateful to explain you.

Thanks in advance


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