Introduction: Led Pot Pin Fade Control

This instructable will allow a user to turn the knob on a potentiometer and will cycle through all 6 leds based off the position of the potentiometer. There has also been code added to dim the neighboring leds based off which position the potentiometer is at.

Step 1: Parts List

for this instructable you will need the following:

1. 5 leds (your choice of color)

2. 5 220ohm resistors

3. arduino micro-controller

4. bread board

5. assortment of wires

6. and lastly a potentiometer

Step 2: Set Up

Start by placing 5 leds on the breadboard. Keep in mind which side is positive and negative.

1. Next, place 5 220 ohm resistors on the positive leads of the leds.

2. Ground all 5 leds to the ground rail of the bread board.

3. run a red wire from the 5v pin of the arduino to the positive rail of the breadboard.

4. run a black wire from the GND pin the arduino to the negative rail of the breadboard.

5. place potentiometer on the breadboard.

6. connect either pin on the potentiometer to the positive rail.

7. place the other pin to the negative rail.

8. run a wire from the middle pin to the A0 port on the arduino.

9. Lastly, going from left to right, run a wire from all 5 positive leads of the leds to the 11,10,6,5 and 3 pins of the arduino

Step 3: Code!

download the provided code and upload it to your arduino. Remember that turning the potentiometer to the right will change the leds brightness clockwise.