Introduction: Leeloo (The Fifth Element) Hair

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Leeloo from The Fifth Element hair
This can be used to cosplay, as a halloween costume, or just because you like it.

Step 1: Cut Your Hair

Your hair should be cut similar.
Short hair, above the shoulder length
Short bangs or no bangs
Heres a picture of how mine is cut (I was in the middle of bleaching my hair)

Step 2: Bleach Your Hair/dye It Orange

I used Splat bleach. Your hair needs to be light enough to dye orange (unless the bleach makes it orange). Orange is a light shade to dye, youll need blonde hair.
Heres my bleaching how-to video

Step 3: Style

Her hair isnt styled all crazy so this step isnt hard.
Just part your hair down the middle, and tease it out a bit.

Step 4: Now Do the Rest

Outfit/costume etc.
Whatever pulls the cosplay together

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