Lefse Replica Wrap

Introduction: Lefse Replica Wrap

Don't have time to buy lefse or make it? Here is your nearest hope! It's just like it! Delicious

Step 1: Warm It Up

Heat you tortilla. Over medium heat in a greased pan or in the micro wave, just until it get warm.

Step 2: Butter!!!

Spread butter on it.

Step 3: Sugar Sugar

Sprinkle brown sugar in your buttered tortilla. ** Please note some people do not like brown sugar in theirs and just skip this step and go to the next!

Step 4: Wrap Your Lefse!

To see the final result, roll your tortilla up.

Then enjoy!

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    6 years ago

    It looks good :) This is how we did it in TX, except we usually add cinnamon too.