Introduction: Left-hander Writing Assistant

I am right-hander but my son is left-hander, when I teaching him to write somethings (the lamp is placing on his right hand side), his left-hand always shade the writing area....

As as result, I try to make a writing LED for him and this Lamp tends to make the shadow to his north-west...

In this instructable, I will show my idea and u can make your own one.


The materials u need are :-

Light source - USB LED lamp (with switch)

Power supply - any USB mobile battery pack

Lamp body - a piece of PVC pipe

Lamp - I got a plastic sheet


Here is the video..............

Step 1: Lamp Body

The lamp body is made of the same structure from my PVC Helping-hand.

So, please refer to the following link for detail.

Since the USB LED module (this is powerful !!) I have is a thumb-drive like, I need to have a female usb terminal for connect it. I cut the usb cable and solder them with appropriate dupont pin.

Finally, just stick the LED lamp on your desktop lamp (left hand side)

The result is.....

The large desktop lamp give u sufficient lighting and this small USB LED fade out some shadow....