Introduction: Lefty Knitting 101: Casting on a Stitch

I taught myself how to knit and one of the hardest parts was finding tutorials online that showed how to knit left handed. In the end I had to learn by transposing what I saw right handed into the left handed form. To save my fellow left handers from a similar experience I have made a series of left handed knitting instructions to teach other lefties how to knit.

Step 1: Supplies

To start you need to gather supplies.


knitting needles

I would start out with a larger width knitting needle since they are a little easier to work with for beginners.

Step 2: Start Casting on Yarn

Start the cast on by creating a loop in the yarn.

Place loop onto one of the knitting needles and pull taunt.

Step 3: Casting On: the L

Hold the knitting needle that you cast the yarn on in your right hand.

With your left hand form an L shape and wrap the yarn around that L.

The yarn from the knitting needle should go around the thumb, up and over the index finger, then down to the ball of yarn.

Hold the yarn taunt in your hand.

Step 4: Casting On: Adding Loops to the Needle

Now is the time when you add loops to the needle.

Using the needle and the yarn around your left hand you can complete the loops

1. start by bringing the needle underneath the yarn by the thumb.

2. Pull the needle straight up toward the index finger.

3. Drop the needle down so it catches the yarn between the hand and the index finger.

4. Let go of the yarn from your hand and pull tight.

Continue this until all the stitches you want are cast on.

Step 5: Knit

After the casting on is complete you can continue knitting whatever you would like!