Introduction: Lego Car

About: my name is yahya and I really really like playing with lego.

this is my third instructable and I hope you like it.

Step 1: The Parts You Need

you will need a 4by8 plate, a 2by4 block with 4 up and 4 on the side, 5 2by4 lego bricks, 2 duts, a block with no duts just 3 lines, a 4by6 plate, a 1by4 lego brick, 4 lego glass like blocks, 4 lego rubber tires, 4 lego rims and 2 tire blocks.

Step 2: Making the Base

take the 4by8 plate and the 2by4 block with 4 block up and 4 on side and put them together as shown.

Step 3: The Engine Cover

take the block with no duts and the base and put them together. put the no duts block on the middle of the side of the 4by2 block.

Step 4: The Lights

take two duts and put them on the 4by2 block's side as shown.

Step 5: Filling

take the 3 2by4 lego bricks and the 1by4 lego bricks and put them on the base plate behind the 2by4 lego piece in any order.

Step 6: Adding Mirrors

then take the 4 lego mirror blocks and put 2 on the back side and 2 on the front of the car.

Step 7: The Whole Body

now take 2 lego bricks that were left and put them in the middle place on the car between the mirrors. then take the 4by6 lego plate and put it on the top.

Step 8: Tires

take 2 tire blocks that will hold the tires and put them beneath the car. then take the rims and the rubber tires and put them together. then put those tires on the pipes of the tire blocks.

Step 9: Complete

now there you have your lego car.