Lego Desk Top Organizer

Introduction: Lego Desk Top Organizer

First layers
This is layer four. The long white ones are 16 by 1 bricks I got from a pick a brick.
This project was built on a 16 by 16 plate

Step 1: Dividers

This picture was taken at layer four. I thought that it would need to have some support under the 16 by 1 bricks it turned out that I did not need it

Step 2: Headphone Wrap

The headphone wrap was built into layer six. I have taken a picture of the pieces I used for this.

Step 3: More Height

I continued adding more layers.

Step 4: Key Hook

I used two technic pieces to make the key hook. I put one more layer on it after the key hook and added another layer around one of the front compartments

Step 5: Keeping the Tablet Up

I used one of these on each side on the end of the 1 by 16 bricks to keep the tablet from slipping off

Step 6: Enjoy Your Work

This is my finished project it had no problem holding up my iPad mini or my moms Kindle Fire hd 7 inch
I did not give much direction on how to build this because it's very simple to build and I had to take it apart before I got to write detailed directions.

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    6 years ago

    Cool, this could be really handy!


    6 years ago

    Cool, this could be really handy!