Lego Duplo Sudoku

Introduction: Lego Duplo Sudoku

This is a great casual project for kids aged 6-12.
First, the idea for this lovely project came to my attention from Dr H project -

A week after I've seen her instructable, our schools shut down because of COVID-19 and we were at home playing around.

One day i watched My youngest daughter (5.5 years old) playing Sudoku on the family's tablet and then i realized how Dr H idea can be perfect for this situation, especially with Lego Duplo.

As Dr H wrote in her instructable, the visual effect of colors instead of numbers is very strong for easy Sudokus, it's making the solution and the logic behind it very clear, especially if you are not a math oriented mind or if you are very young, like my child.

So me, my youngest daughter and her sister took the challenge to build an Lego Sudoku.

Quickly we jumped to the conclusion that our target is different from Dr H, and we preferred big blocks and we don't need sign's system for the solver - we decided we want it big and simple.

So Duplo it is.


Step 1: Painting

We did two painting jobs.

  1. We had 7 distinguish colors of 9 Duplo Bricks, and not 9 colors as you suppose to have, so we painted the top of extra bricks from other colors in black and brown to get 9 distinguish colors.
  2. you should paint a frame, and we added a border for the 3X3 squares, just like real Sudoku. we used bricks to try and make those lines straight (look at the photo) and after that washed those bricks.

after that the paint dried for few hours.

Step 2: Setting the Board

You don't need to be afraid about this part - it's very simple.

We open an Sudoku app and used a setting from there.

All you need to do is combine each color with number, for example - 1=red, 2=blue, 3=light green, and on and on...

Step 3: PLAY

The most important thing is to have fun with your new Board game - Sudoku.

So go ahead and solve it.

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