Lego Gunship

Introduction: Lego Gunship

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A heavily armed gunship thar holds two troops with a turret and two massive mini-guns (technically gatling guns) and various other weaponry

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    4 years ago

    Pretty cool! Downfalls are that is has little protection for the operators, and space is a no-no for them. I suspect that this is more like a riot vehicle, but one that is way over the top in weapons. I wouldn't want to peak out behind my 3ft concrete wall and try to shoot them with those Gatling guns going and possibly rip my plastic face off. Personally I would have more of a traditional spaceship design (pilot in a full cockpit) followed by a back place with a ladder up to the top cannon, so the Minifig on the top cannon can come down when space traveling or whatever, but that is just my preference. Me writing this comment made me want to build this, so expect a version of my ship soon. (I don't particularly care about colors so it won't be clean black like yours.) Have a nice day!