Introduction: Lego Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe

Minecraft and Lego fans, here is your chance to make your own Minecraft weapon! This Diamond Pickaxe is made out of legos and can be easily customized. It can be hung on the wall or kept in a display case and surely become the centerpiece of your room.

Here are the instructions on making your very own Lego Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe.

Step 1: Materials

Materials needed:

  • The base: I used about 12 4x4 plates, 2 6x4 plates and many smaller ones to secure it together.
  • The first layer: the yellow zig-zag is one plate higher than the others(13 2x2 plates)
  • The second layer: about 60 2x2 flat tiles.

Note: Legos come in various shapes and sizes, so you can use the ones of your own.

Step 2: The Base

The first step is to form the shape of the pickaxe. The whole thing is 24 bricks in length,16 bricks in width.

As you could see from the picture above, the grip is made of 8 4x4 plates. You would need 3 4x4 plates, 2 4x6 plates, 2 2x3 plates and 2 2x8 plates for the top.

After finish the base and securing the back of it with smaller pieces, you can continue to the next step.

Step 3: The First Layer (Zigzag)

After building a firm base, it is time to add a layer for the zigzag pattern. Add a plate on the parts drawn red(as seen on the picture) and this layer is finished.

Note: You would need to make sure that everything other than the zigzag is at the same height.

Step 4: The Second Layer (Tiles)

All you need to do for this layer is to cover the Lego pickaxe with flat tiles, you can copy mine or design a pattern of your own.

Note: I couldn't get mine to look 100 percent the same as the original pickaxe, but the pattern is quite similar.

If you would like to make one exactly like the one in the game, here is a list of what color was used:

  • Red = Teal
  • Yellow = Light Blue
  • Orange = Light Brown
  • Pink&White = Darker Brown or Black

Step 5: Optional - Adding Bricks

To give the the pickaxe a more 3D look, you can cover the back of the pickaxe with a layer of lego bricks.

Hope you have enjoyed this Minecraft Lego Pickaxe, and have fun building your own!

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