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Introduction: Lego Mini Figures Display

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This is a little instructable me and my friend wanted, we both have lots of Star Wars lego figures and it seemed a shame to have then just sat doing nothing, we wanted to display them,

I seen a display case on the internet but it was pricey, so, I made two, one for him and one for me

Here goes:-

Step 1: Parts

Not to much to this build, a few off cuts off 9mm ply and a picture frame, some old Legos and paint, I wanted to display about 50 figures so I sourced a medium sized black frame from a local shop, pulled it apart and set to work,

• black spray paint
• 9mm ply ( about 20mm by 50 mm cut into 2.5cm strips, then cut to fit inside the frame you have, mine was 39.5 cm )
• picture frame ( from wilkinsons for £4 each )
• some tacks
• tape ( masking tape )
• simple tools ( hammer, hand saw/band saw, tape measure )
• a few odds and sods I've probably missed

Step 2: Cuts,

The frame was about 3cm deep, and I wanted the figures to sit pretty close to the front, so the first thing was to cut up the ply into strips, so they would sit in the frame and leave room for the back to go on

Strips cut - 2.5cm by 39.5cm ( inside frame measurement, your will depend on your frame size)

Step 3: Corners

For the strips to sit flush with the frame, you need to notch the fronts of the strips, measure the front lip on the frame and take that away from the corners of the strip of ply

Step 4: Setting Gaps !

Right everything fits nice, time to measure up for your shelves so you have the correct gap so your figures will fit and everything looks even,

On my frame I worked it out to be 7cm per gap, so what I did was cut two bits of ply to 7cm and us them as a guide to position my first shelf, marked it on the frame and drilled a pilot hole, then tacked the shelf in place,

Once the first shelf was in place, I moved the two 7cm guides on top of the shelf and repeated the process all the way to the top.

Step 5: Back

Once all the shelves where tacked in , I used the original back, it should just sit in the back off the frame because you cut the shelves slightly smaller the the frame depth,

I used a square and the head of the tack pins to line up the square on the back and mark where the shelf was, then marked a line across the back on all shelves, and used three pins per shelf to tack it in place.

Then when it's all secure, I used masking to tape the edge of the frame and back just to seal everything together.

Step 6: Legos!

The basic frame is made, now you just need to dig though you old lego and find some flat pieces for the shelves,

Mark the middle of each shelf and start there, glueing with superglue each piece as you go, till you've filled up all the shelves.

Step 7: Paint

I used black spray to finish my shelf, but you could use any colour you like! Totally your call!

Step 8: Done

Once your paint is dry, time to add your figures! Find a spot on a wall and admire your wonderful collection!

( I need to give this one another coat of black because the back board has really soaked it in! )

Thanks for looking, happy building!

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