Lego Retractable Charging Station Ver. 2

Introduction: Lego Retractable Charging Station Ver. 2

Finish Product: LEGO Retractable Charging Station ver. 2
I designed this version 2 to look more like an office building with phone parking on the roof.

A 4-Port 40W 8A USB charging station made out of Lego pieces. This charging station consists of 2x micro USB and 2x Lightning connections. This charging station neatly keeps all the excess cables stored inside the Lego housing. I have a lot of devices in the house that need charging and I have wires dangling around my desk space desk and living room table and all over the floor next to an outlet.
Something like this could retail for $200+ and it does not come with the type of wires you would need.
This customized charging station let you tailor to the specific number of Android/IOS devices you may need charging. I hope this design would be as helpful to you as it is helping me keep my charging wires neat.
I have included an Demo and Build video, but If you cannot see the included video on your mobile devices?
The link below is the Demo and Build Video i posted on YouTube:

Step 1: Materials Needed to Build the Charging Station

What I used to build this charging station:

1 x Anker 5-ports USB charger

4 x Bobonida charging cables

A lot, and a lot of Lego Bricks, Plates, and Tiles
Exact amount I am not sure.
This design I know it is roughly 400 pieces.

Please refer to the Brick by Brick stop motion video i posted on YouTube as a build reference.

I hope this helps.

Send comments if you have questions.

Have Fun Building!

Step 2: Base Layer and 1st Layer

Here are photos of the Base and 1st layer with the USB charging unit, 4 charging cable and 1 custom LED light connected to it.

Step 3: Layers 2-7

Here are photos of layers 2-7.

I used clear 1x2 bricks for the front.
I used clear 1x2 bricks for layers 3,5,7 on the left and right side.
This design makes charging station looks like an office building.
I did not use any clear bricks for the back side.

Step 4: Top Layer/ Roof Top Parking for Phones and Devices

Here are photos of the Top layer.

I used long 1x plates to secure all the walls together.
I used 2x plates as a ceiling.
Then i used 1x white tiles (the smooth surface Lego pieces) as a trim along the walls of the roof.
And I used 2x tan tiles as roof tiles for that sleek look.

I also added some spaced partition on the roof so I can rest my phones/devices neatly on top as they are being charged.

This is just an IDEA, you should try to build it to how it suits your need.

I hope you enjoyed my creation.

Good Luck and Have Fun on building your very own Charging Station.

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    3 years ago

    I really like this and your whole concept behind it. I bought items from the web such as the hub and charging cables but unfortunately those Bobonida items don't seem to be easily found. The retractable cables I found are the type that you have to pull two sides of the cable and it will not be anywhere near as slick as yours but I will give it a go. Thanks for the inspiration.