Introduction: Lego Ruined Nether Portal

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This is an original build of mine, designed to be built in conjunction with the "new" nether as can be determined by the builder. The pieces vary, depending on the preference of the builder. For example, the frame could be either cobblestone or blackstone.
Please note that this is not a step by step how-to. It is more of a general explanation of how to build it.


These should be fairly easy to see when the steps are shown, and not all portals are the same.

Step 1: The Base

This can vary depending on if it is blackstone or cobblestone, as well as the level of ruin.

Step 2: The Frame

As with the base, this can vary.

Step 3: The Portal

Time to add the normal and crying obsidian, as well as the mineable crying obsidian.

Step 4: The Top


Step 5: Another Variation

This one looks a little more realistic to minecraft in my opinion.

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