Introduction: Lego Brick Shooter

Here is another model I managed to make while I had access to a small amount of Lego, I call it the Lego brick shooter.

It does only one thing - shoot bricks...

It is a fairly simple design to use and make, to fire it all you have to do is put a 2x2 brick into the barrel and blow into the hole in the side of the model.

If I get enough people saying they want an upgrade I will make and post a double barreled version that shoots 2 bricks instead of 1. (enough is about 100)

What you see in the three pictures is what you are going to be making.

Go to the next few steps to see how to make this machine of mini destruction...

Step 1: The Three Pieces

OK, this - like my other Lego models - breaks into three pieces for easier building.

The photos here show you where it will break off into the three pieces.

For easy reference, I have labelled the steps; top, middle and base.

If this gets too complicated remember, I always add a LDD file with my Lego models!

Step 2: The Top

While building this model I made it one color, when I converted it into a set of instructions, I made it into layered colors.

The first layer is yellow the second layer is white the third layer is yellow and so on.

Each of the layers in the top part are made of four 2x4s per layer.

They are arranged so the pattern inside is like a swastika, alternating direction each layer.

My barrel is 5 layers tall but you can make yours shorter or longer, I would not recommend going any longer due to loss of compression.

There are 10 photos in this step, they show you the assembly of the barrel, if you can get the pattern by the photos visible (without clicking view all photos) you should not have to view all 10 photos. (the less photos you view the less download you use!)

Step 3: The Middle

The first photo shows the middle and base connected, the second shows only the middle, the middle alternates colors like the top and the base is all red.

This is the part where the air chamber will be.

You should be able to see two 1x2's in the fourth and fifth photos, they don't have to be added in the layers at that time, you can just make and assemble the layers and then add the 1x2's like the sixth and seventh photos show.

This connects to the bottom of the top part.

When connecting the two parts be sure to line up the pattern to get extra strength.

Step 4: The Base

This is the easiest part of the whole thing, when you arrange the bricks in the order shown you stack the bricks on top of each other.

The top bricks in the photo go on top and the lower bricks in the photo go on the base of the whole model.

If this gets too complicated remember, I always add a LDD file with my Lego models!

Step 5: Firing and LDD File

To load the brick shooter, you put the 2x2 brick down the barrel the way shown in the photo, it goes square though.

When loading make sure you put it in studs to the base or it will connect with the lower bricks and you wont be able to fire it.

To fire you need to put your mouth onto the hole in the side and blow as hard as you can.

The brick will fire out the front like a mini rocket.

I have recorded up to 20ft fire range.

The LDD file is below, to open it you will need LDD installed on your computer, make sure you get it from not any third party site, the best part is that LDD is 100% free!

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