Introduction: Legolas Greenleaf Costume From Hobbit

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Hey guys, just wanted to show my quick build of Legolas costume from Hobbit.
It took me about a week to make it, working on it 2-3hrs daily. Wig and ears are store bought, the rest I made from scratch


5 ft of green suade
5 ft of green pleather
2 ft of brown keper
2 ft of interfacing
1 small bottle of gold puff paint
Glue gun, sewing thread

Step 1: Green Robe

As I'm not the best at tayloring, I use method "tape yourself" to make pattern for this build.
Tapped myself, and when I cut all the piece, I cut fabric with those patterns.
Then I did embroidery, green lines on from and on the back, zig zag stich, and I sew whole thing together. Sleeves were bit tricky.

Step 2: Brown Shirt

The same pattern method, only thing I added that hanging piece, which I just cut out free hand. And inserted later after I was finished doing embroidery on it. Important thing here, is to add interfacing, so you can have good stiffness, for embroidery work. As of those lines, well, I just drew those with white pencil , and followed the lines while doing zig zag stich.

Step 3: Boots and Cuffs

Now we come to the pleather stuff. Not easy thing to work with, just go slow. I followed same rule as before, tape myself, make a pattern and cut the pleather. Remember to add some space for seam.
Only thing different here, is that I used puff paint to draw details on it, because embroidery on faux leather isn't that easy. But it came out good. Free handed all the lines, I could be more exact with some kind of pattern, but like I said, it was a speed build, and puff paint is really durable, and it adhere to pleather perfectly. Left overnight to dry . The boots are actually just boot covers for my sneakers.

Step 4: Leaf Shiled

Now, this is a tricky , and tedious stuff. Again, tape and cut for the shape, and later I just improvised with shoulder pieces, just by drawing up a shape, and sew it later. I made a template of 1 leaf , and spent whole afternoon cutting bunch of it from pleather, because, I needed a lot. Some of the were added on the back to hide zipper on the brown shirt, most was glued on a fabric , with glue gun to hold them in place. On the end, I just used gold puff paint, to dry brush, that sir of shimmery look I wanted, and I'm really happy the way it came out. Mannequin really helps around this things

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