Let's Destroy a Boombox!

Introduction: Let's Destroy a Boombox!

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Found an old boombox. I tried to get it working, but the Damn thing can't even play a cassette. Let's get cracking.

Step 1: Removing the Hard Case

The back of the box held all the fasteners, so I took them all out. Once open, I clipped all wires from the back to the front.

Step 2: Power Supply

The biggest part of the back was a transformer stepping down outlet power for the device. It has plenty of copper inside, so I am definitely keeping it.

The first thing was unscrewing it. Took a while, but I still got it out. Unfortunately, the manufacturer glued the board down, so I had to rip it out with pliers.

The board broke, but the yellow resistors looked cool.

Step 3: Antenna...

This little clip holds the antenna, so I unscrewed it and nabbed a telescoping rod.

Step 4: The Front!

Don't be intimidated by the complexity, I am going to try my best to explain everything.

Step 5: Gross Hair Stuff

For some reason, old tech always attracts old hair stuff. It's just nasty, yo.

Step 6: Controls

A few switches and potentiometers control input and volume. One controls tuning as well.

Step 7: To Be Continued...

I'm going to continue this in a part two, where I move further in. Yipee!

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    6 years ago

    WTF?! Are you seriosly?