Life Size Lite Bright

Introduction: Life Size Lite Bright


-Peg Board (we used a 10”x18”) We started with a 28”x48” and it was too time consuming for the allotted time we had so we scaled it back.

-Speaker Wire -LED Lights (We had available 1,152, enough to fill every hole on our peg board)

-Wire Strippers

-Wire Cutters

-3V Coin Batteries (We used 48, one battery for every 24 holes/lights)

-Electrical Tape

Step 1:

Measure 2 strips of Speaker Wire to be the height of the board (about 24 inches) and strip the wire if not already exposed.

Step 2:

Attach the wire to a 3V coin battery with electrical tape. One wire to the positive side and one wire to the negative side.

Step 3:

Measure against the peg-board to tape the wires apart in between the holes with electrical tape to avoid wires touching and then tape the wires to the peg board.

Step 4:

Repeat steps 2 & 3 until all of the holes on the peg board are wired, (one 3V coin battery powers about 24 LED lights).

Step 5:

Flip the peg board over and enjoy! (Remember the positive lead on the LED has to match up with the wire attached to the positive side of the battery so if an LED doesn’t work right away try flipping the light around.)

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    8 years ago

    Great idea! I had a Lite-Brite when I was a kid. Great job!