Introduction: Life of Pi

For building the boat:
The boat should be made out of light materials because Antoine is only 7 years old. Then I entered to my garage to look for cardboard boxes and I found a Kirkland wipes box, perfect size for being the center of the boat and I could build the the rest of the boat around. As we didn't find more boxes we drove out to the near stores and we found in a recycle bin the perfect big cardboard pieces that We used to build the body of the boat, then  we cut one piece for the front and one for the back, we used staples to hold them together. The next step was painting the boat using the same colors as the original. Finally,
we added some details like the rope around the boat, the letters, the straps so it can be hang on Antoine's shoulders, etc.

For Pi clothes: The character only use 3 pieces, we looked through Antoine's clothes to find something he can wear .

The tiger: This one we bought it in ebay because it was hard to find a bengal tiger in this position.

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