Introduction: Life's a Party Dog Hats

Any day can be a party with these dog party hats!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this project, you'll need:

  • Felt sheets
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Elastic
  • Embellishments (I used tinsel, pom poms and yarn
  • Circular object to trace or compass to draw circle
  • Marker or chalk to draw onto felt

Step 2: Trace or Draw Circle

Lay your circular object on felt, and trace around it. Alternatively, draw a circle with a compass. I used a spool of 3D printer filament to draw my circle. This size works best for small dogs.

Step 3: Cut Circle

Cut your circle from the felt sheet.

Step 4: Find Middle and Cut

Find the very middle of your circle, and cut out one third of the circle. 1/3 of the circle will make one hat for a small dog, so a full circle will make 3!

Alternatively, you can estimate 1/3 of a larger circle from this same basic shape if you have a larger dog.

Step 5: Hot Glue Cone Shape

Using your hot glue gun, run a line of hot glue down one edge of the inside of the hat. Roll into a cone shape, and press firmly to attach.

I find that holding onto the seam for a few seconds while the glue cools helps to ensure a sturdier seam.

If you'd like to include streamers, yarn, tinsel, etc. coming out the top of the hat, now is the time to do it! Image 4 shows this process - just glue your streamers into the point, then roll into a cone and glue the seam.

This would also be very cute as a princess hat!

Step 6: Begin Embellishing

I chose to do tinsel around the bottom edges of the hats I made. To do this, roll the tinsel around the bottom of the hat, applying hot glue along the way. Do this in small sections and allow the glue to cool before moving to the next section.

Trim off any excess.

Step 7: More Embellishing!

I also included tiny pom poms to make the hats really festive.

Step 8: Apply Elastic

Hot glue one end of your elastic into the inside of your hat. Then, using your dog, hold the hat in place and run the elastic in front of ears and around bottom jaw to measure.

You want the elastic to have to stretch a tiny bit once the hat is on so it stays in place.

Step 9: Complete Elastic

Trim elastic, and hot glue other end into opposite side of the inside of the hat.

Step 10: It's Party Time!

Once the hot glue is completely cool, wrestle that awesome hat onto your dog to get the party started!

* Please keep an eye on your pets while wearing a costume of any kind, just in case the party gets a little too crazy and someone decides to make a snack of their hat (bad thing).