Introduction: Light Micro:bit With Mbed

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Recently, i read an article online. A point in this article impressed me most is that we can use C++ to program for micro:bit. However, these days i have searched online again and again but still can not find a case for that. This can be a big problem for those who do not familiar with MicroPython. So i decided to write a blog to show you a case created by my own. Today, i am going to show you how to use Mbed to program “ hello world” for micro:bit.

First of all, let’s take a look of what is Mbed.

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Step 1: Get to Know Mbed

Mbed is a prototyping development platform for ARM processor. Actually it conclude three parts: free Software Development Kit(SDK), Hardware Design Kit(HDK)and online tools(Web).You can see introduction for the three parts below:

SDK:Mbed have designed a hardware abstract level , thus blocked the difference of processors provided by different MCU manufacturers. For users, he/she have to contact with this abstract level only. That means the application of Mbed development enables users to exchange ARM processors provided by different manufacturers very conveniently so that users have more choices.

HDK: HDK is hardware design kit provided by Mbed. It is designed for users to do development. So HDK provides a complete set of program upload interface, solitary debugging interface, and serial debugging interface so that users can develop software without buying other hardware.

WEB:In order to save time of software installation for users, Mbed provides a complete unit of processor development interfaces based on chrome with functions including code editing, program compilation, and version management . Users can develop only if there has web access. Download the code and save into Mbed board, then it will start to run. It is very convenient . To make it simple, Mbed is a development platform. It is a platform based on ARM Cortex-M serial micro-chip development.

Step 2: How to Use Mbed

ARM Mbed IDE is an online development tool. Here’s the link for it: This link provides an online compiler.You do not have to install the local compiler and constantly update its version. Besides, it has no time or place limitation. Only if you have web access, then you can develop at any time or anywhere.

Next, in the following passages, we are going to show you how to use Mbed to do our first programming for micro:bit.

Step 3: Register an Account

Before we use Mbed, we have to register an account. Then we can start our development under this account. Here’s the ARM Mbed IDE Website:

Log into the website above by clicking “Login or signup”.Then click “Signup”.

Step 4: Program With Mbed

After we have successfully registered an account, log in again and click “Compiler” to visit the program interface.

Step 5: Add Platform

Next bring in development board platform. Because Mbed supports several platforms. Here we choose Micro:bit and then click the icon on the top right corner of the compiler.Choose development board platform, and Click “Add Platform”.

Step 6: Choose BBC Micro:bit

Here, we choose BBC micro:bit.Then click “Add to your Mbed Compiler”

Step 7: Choose New Program

Next, enter online compiler again and we will see we have added the platform.On right side of“My Programs, click right mouse key to choose “New Program”.

Step 8: Open "Template"

Within “Template”, we can see several cases and we choose the first one to do compiling.

Step 9: Start Programming

Choose the first one to compile your code.

Step 10: Download Code Into Micro:bit

Once we finished compiling, download HEX file into micro:bit storage.

Step 11: Micro:bit Light Flashing

After all steps completed, we can see LED light on the left top corner of micro:bit is flashing. The power of Mbed lies in its high compatibility and with a complete set of kit easy to use. As for the usage of kit, you can follow up the courses made by us. You can visit our website: for more interesting blogs.

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