Introduction: Light Up Beer Pong

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This is a work in progress.

Not quite done yet

Step 1: Materials:

1. 1x Arduino

2. 100x White pingpong balls

3. 300x blue 5mm leds

4. Wire!! lots of it

5. 5050 RGB strip with controller 12V

6. Plywood 4x8x3/4 thick

7. Wood Glue

8. Glue Gun

9. Soldering lead, lots of it

10. Cotton


12. 3 x 74hc595 shift register

13. 1x 4017 decade counter

14.10x 2n3904 transistors

15. 50x 100ohm resistors

16. Protoboard

1. hand saw or circular saw or jigsaw
2. glue gun
3. hammer
4. clamps!! lots of it
5. sand paper
6. ruler
7. pencil
8. Wood Glue or screws
9. Spray paint(Black Acrylic)
10. Wood stain( I used dark brown)

Step 2: Cut 2ftx8ft Plywood

Cut it out 2ftx8ft and then sand it.


ruler all the measurements needed to be made. Imagine how the table will look, look at the first picture and picture out where it will be placed.

Step 4: Drill the Holes for the LED MATRIX 8x24

Done measuring? drill all holes needed to make an 8x24 LED matrix. This is where the fun starts.

Step 5: SPRAY PAINT!!!

spray paint the table to black!! dont forget to mark again all the necessary measurments needed after the paint.


GLUE THE LEDS INTO THE HOLE. Making sure that the LED stays on top of the table.

Step 7: Solder Time!!

Now turn the table upside down. Bend the cathodes and anodes away from each other.

Now.. Connect all Anodes of each column together(so 1 column = 1 wire) so we make 24 Columns.

then, connect all cathodes each row together.
so (1 row= 1 wire.) we make 8 rows that has 8 wires. 1 wire for each row of anodes.

Step 8: Circuit Board

The circuit board is quite complicating. So I Will show you the connections through picture. Once you get all the connections fine, you will do good.

Advice: Instead of connecting each wire to another wire that is connected to either ground or positive, Create 2 lines in the board and connect all positive connections to one line and the negative to the other.

Upload program:

The program I will update, I am currently on mobile.

Step 9: Ping Pong Balls

Once you get the program working, You can start now with the ping pong balls. Sand the ping pong balls so that the brand name will be taken off. and then cut in half.

after that, put some cotton on top of the LEDS so that the leds will be diffused by the cotton.

and then glue the pingpong balls on top of the led lights.

Step 10: RGB Strip Time.,

Put in the triangle for which you wish to place the beer pong cups. refer to the picture.

Stick the rgb strips into the triangle. and plug it and test it out. make sure the wire goes under the table. you don't want wire sticking out of the table dont we

Step 11: Cut Out Another Ply

cut out another ply. so that we would have rails for the circular leds for the audience cups. refer to the picture.

and then glue.

be sure to make the measurements required for the circular pods to fit the rails.

Step 12: Test It First

Test it out! test it first before proceeding.

Step 13: Spray Paint Again and Wood Stain.

spray paint again the inner part of the table. cover all necessary parts that don't need paint.

Then wood stain the rails of the Table. I used dark brown wood stain. We will be glossing it after the glassing.

Step 14: Drill Holes of the Rails.

Drill 9 holes for the pods, 1 at the center and 8 for the circle. make sure the pods will fit the beer pong cups.

Make 8 Pods. 4 at each side.

Step 15: BEER PODS.

CONNECT ALL POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE OF THE LED pods. and make 1 line of 3.3V of the arduino and 1 line of the Gnd of the arduino. and connect the positive of all the pods to the 3.3V line.
and al the negative to the gnd line.

And test it out

Step 16: Test It Out!!!!

Hmm got it working? Please subscribe to my youtube channel, I might make a video on this.

Test everything and you'll be amazed.