Light Up Paper Shot Clock

Introduction: Light Up Paper Shot Clock

In this project you will be making a paper shot clock light up with copper tape and LED's.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need 2 pieces of paper, a straight edge/ ruler, scissors, copper tape, two 1 1/2 volt button batteries, and a 3 volt LED.

Step 2: Stick Your Copper Tape

Stick your copper tape to one of the pieces of paper in this format. Make sure you leave a little piece of both pieces of tape hanging in the air so you can slide your LED in there.

Step 3: Bend Your LED Legs

Bend your LED legs like this so the legs are basically in a straight line.

Step 4: Stick Your LED in the Copper Tape

Slide your LED in the hole you left for it in the copper tape with the longer leg under the top piece of tape. Make sure none of the leg is hanging out of the back of the tape.

Step 5: Stack Batteries/ Put Batteries on Copper Tape

Stack the batteries where the positive side of the bottom battery is touching the negative side of the top battery. You can put tape around the batteries to make them stick but make sure the tape is not on top of or under the battery. Then take your batteries and set them on the left piece of the copper tape in the right corner. Then fold the right piece of tape on top of the batteries. This should make your LED light up.

Step 6: Make/ Decorate Shot Clock

Use a straight edge on the second piece of paper to trace around the copper tape so you know how big of a shot clock to make. Then put the numbers on your shot clock to make it look like a NBA Grade Shot Clock. Color if you want. You can put tape on the shot clock to make it stick to the paper. Make sure you leave enough copper tape hanging from under the shot clock to put your batteries on.

Step 7: Light It Up

YOUR'E DONE! Light up that shot clock!

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