Light-up 40th (Ruby) Anniversary Card




Introduction: Light-up 40th (Ruby) Anniversary Card

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For my parents 40th anniversary I wanted to send them a special card to mark the occasion.

I learned how to use Chibitronics in a workshop at YuKonstruct (my local makerspace), so I wanted to use this in my own project and design.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


  • OPTIONAL: Laser cutter - I used YuKonstruct's Epilog 60 watt laser cutter. I used the laser cutter to do the card design, but you could also cut out your design by hand.
  • Scissors
  • Straight edge


Step 2: Design

I made the outline for my card (front and back) as a 4 by 6 inch rectangle and rounded the corners.

For the front, I found a gem icon that I liked created by Lloyd Humphreys from the noun project. I downloaded the icon as an .svg and converted it into an outline for my card. I set the outside edge of the gem to raster and the inside edges to cut out (hairline).

For the inside, I wrote out the text I wanted to raster onto the card.

Feel free to use the template that I created and change it to suit your needs. You could also download the .png and trace it out by hand if you don't have a laser cutter for the next step.

Step 3: Laser Cut (optional Step)

As mentioned previously, you could do this step by hand.

If you are using a laser cutter: perform this in two steps - first raster then cut. Otherwise the 0.04 thick wood veneer will curl and get wrecked (trust me... this happened to me).

1. Raster

Settings of Speed: 80; Power: 40

2. Vector cut

Settings of Speed 70; Power 100; Freq: 20

When the outside edges are cutting, watch carefully to see if the veneer curls up too much. I paused the cut halfway through and taped the curling edges down.

Step 4: Make the Circuit

Using the effects circuit training from chibitronics for a guide, apply the copper tape and chibitronics stickers to the card.

For the best results, use one long piece of copper tape and fold around corners to avoid tearing.

The Chibitronics stickers should go on top of the copper tape (the adhesive on the back of these stickers are conductive).

I didn't want to fold the card to complete the circuit as Chibitronics shows in the effects circuit training. To get around this, I made the end of the copper tape that will attach to the positive side of the battery quite long, and folded it over on top of itself. This way, I can lift the copper tape and insert the battery between it and the copper tape attached to the negative side of the battery.

You can use regular tape over top of any part of this circuit to make sure that everything holds in place well and has a good connection.

Step 5: Complete the Card

Tape a piece of ruby red paper against the back of the wood veneer.

Tape the battery against the card and the negative circuit copper tape. Make sure to leave the part of the battery that comes into contact with the positive side of the circuit free of tape - tape on the left and right sides leaving the centre free.

Cut the sticky backed foam into strips. Apply the foam around the outside of the card and the battery. You might have to stack the foam into two layers to make it the same height as your battery.

Place a piece of tape sticky side up underneath the edge of the positive side of the copper tape. I put a note in the first picture to show you what I mean.

I made a little removable insert veneer piece to save battery power. This goes underneath the positive side of the copper tape.

Glue the wood veneer (with the ruby) to the front of the card against the foam.

Cut thin strips of ruby red paper and glue them around the edge of the card to cover the foam.

Glue the other piece of the wood veneer (with the message) to the inside of the card.


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    6 years ago

    Wow, this turned out really well! I hope your parents loved it.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks! They really did.