Introduction: Light-up LED Shelf


2 12x11 in pieces of wood

2 1/4x11 in pieces of wood

2 1/4x10 3/4 in pieces of wood

2 6 in dowel rods

2 5x12 in pieces of wood

13 .02 amp LEDS

Copper tape


Toggle switch

Wood glue

2 AA batteries

Battery terminal for 2 AA batteries


After you gather all your materials, follow these steps to finish the project:

1. Drill 13 evenly spaced holes in one of the 11x12 in pieces of wood in a "U" around the wood

2. Place your copper tape along the inside and outside of the holes

3. Place LEDS in holes and solder them to the copper tape

4. Glue both 1/4x11 parallel to each other onto the wood with the drilled holes and LEDS

5. Now glue both 1/4x10 3/4 opposite of the 1/4x11

6. Drill a hole for the switch on the other 11x12

7. Glue terminal for batteries onto wood with LEDS on it

8. Solder battery terminal to switch

9. Solder switch to copper tape

10. Solder other strip of copper tape to other side of battery terminal

11. Velcro wood with switch to wood with LEDS, now you can detach the velcro so you can change the batteries

12. Glue one 5x12 pieces of wood to bottom of wood with LEDS to create the first shelf

13. Glue dowels 3 inches away from from the wood with LEDS

14. Glue second piece of 5x12 inch piece to LED wood 5 inches

15. Glue second shelf to the top of the dowels to finish the shelves

16. Now you can use this shelve anywhere and as you can see I used it as an herbs and spices shelf