Introduction: LightBox

One hundred twenty five LEDs make up this 5x5x5 cube, controlled by an Arduino Leonardo. This LED Cube made up of columns and layers. Each of the twenty-five columns and the five layers are connected to the controller board with a separate wire and can be controlled individually.

Step 1: To Solder LEDs

You need a lot of time to solder 125 leds together. To get even-looking 5x5 led grids we will use a template to hold them in the same place.

A easy way to make this is using a foam board. You have to make a grid of 5x5 LEDs and put each one in the holes. Use one LED to punch an LED-sized hole through the foil for each hole.

Step 2: Test LEDs

Previously, you have to test individually each LED before you solder them together. You can make a simple circuit on protoboard and test the LEDs with an easy program of Arduino to blink all LEDs. Take all the time you need.

Step 3: Soldering LED Layers

You have to bend the cathodes and solder them together. Take care, it's possible you have some mistakes, but quickly you'll learn from them. Insert LEDs into the row until you complete all of them.

Step 4: Soldering Layers Together

Now you'll need to solder all of the layers together. I think you should put your best layer in the template. This one will be the top of you cube led. Now, you can start to solder the next layer. Step by step, take care. It's might not be easy, so you will need to take all the time necessary.

Step 5: Cube's Circuit

I show this one in the image below:

Step 6: Wire the Board

Now we're going to wire up the cube. We have to fit the cube on the board and solder the Cube LEDs on it.

Next step: we have to connect a ground for each layer. We'll make wire hook connections to each layer. Now, cathodes have been connect to a ground and then we need to connect anodes to the Arduino Leonardo (You can see connections in the images below)

Step 7: Code and Programming

We have just our LED cube finished! If we want that it works, we need to program it.

We have made the code in Arduino. A simple program you can download in the link below: