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Introduction: Lightboard-DIY Skateboard Hack

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This is just a cool simple skateboard hack you can use to make yourself more visible when you're trick or treating on Halloween. Or use it any night, the street lights up right under your wheels, I like to call it "Lightboarding".

Step 1: What You Will Need for This Project:

For this Project you will need

  1. Solder/soldering iron
  2. Switch (optional)
  3. 9v battery
  4. LED strip
  5. LED strip controller
  6. 9v Battery connector
  7. 9v Battery plug (like the ones for the Arduino)
  8. Skateboard
  9. Duct tape

Step 2: Soldering Everything Together.

Remember to have proper ventilation when soldering!

Step 1: Start by soldering the two black wires of the connector and the plug.

Step 2: Then take the red wire on the connector and solder it to one of the outside terminals on the switch.

Step 3: Take the red wire on the plug and connect it to the middle terminal of the switch.

Step 4: cover everything in Electrical tape or heat shrink.

Step 3: Connect the Battery.

Connect the battery and the contraption you just soldered together and plug it into the LED controller and all the LEDs Should light up.

Step 4: Attach All the Electronics.

Attach all the electronics to the bottom of the skateboard with your choice of adhesive I used duck tape but you can use hot glue if you want it to be more permanent or velcro. Check out the video it has all the details.

Stay awesome my friends!

Happy Halloween

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    6 years ago

    Hey, I have already done this on my kick scooter, but I just connected my battery directly to the LED, no control box. This is much easier and takes less space. For multicolor LED you just connect to either R or G or B or multiple to create colors. Or just order a 2$ Blue LED 20cm strip on ebay like I did.


    6 years ago

    Rather than taping the battery to the board, can you add in a mount with a velcro so that replacing the battery would become easier. Also wouldn't removing the casing of the controller make it more thin and avoid it scraping on other objects?