Introduction: Lightbulb Vase DIY



2. Paper

3. Water

4. Plant

5. Scissors

Step 1: Grab Your Lightbulb

1.Grab a clear lightbulb

Only get a clear one so you can see the water and plants inside

Step 2: Take the Lights Out of the Bulb

1. You need to take a sharp object to pull the insides out.

A good tool to use is tweezers so you can pull things out

Step 3: Make the Plant Holder

1. Take a piece of paper

2. Make a line with a ruler

3. Cut it out

4. Make it into a circle and tape it

5. Make sure the size is right so it helps the bulb stand

Step 4: Put the Water in the Bulb and Make Sure It Stands on the Plant Holder

1. Put water in the bulb halfway

2. Make sure it is able to stand straight on the holder

Step 5: Put Your Plant In

1. Get the plant you want and put it in the water